A Biofriendly Approach to Energy Efficiency


Few of us will deny that being dependent on foreign oil supplies is undesirable. But it is not widely known that available oil supplies worldwide are dwindling, which drives the need for alternative ways of meeting our energy needs. While there is still a lot of oil in the ground, much of this is becoming harder and more costly to extract.

The term “peak oil” describes the concept that oil is a limited resource and at some point the available oil supplies will become less and less. According to some sources global oil consumption already outstrips viable new oil sources.

While we are not likely to completely run out of oil, newly discovered supplies will become less accessible and/or of lower quality, making it progressively more costly to extract. In addition, oil consumption is also on the increase as developing nations like China and India become more industrialized. Oil prices are therefore likely to keep rising.

What Warranty Can I Expect on My New Roof in Ann Arbor


As a roofing contractor I often am asked what the warranty is on the roofing jobs we do. That’s a great question and one you should ask any roofer you are considering hiring to work on your home.

Well, there are two critical components to a roofing warranty. One is the manufacturer’s warranty. The second is the roofing contractor’s warranty. Not to be confused, but many times that’s exactly what happens. People understand that they’re getting maybe a 30 year roofing product from the manufacturer and somehow associate that that’s a 30 year service commitment, a warranty commitment. And it’s not. That’s not true at all. We have to break those into again two components. Number one, manufacturer’s side of the deal, roofing contractor’s side of the deal.

The manufacturer will warranty the shingles for wear. So wear is like a tire might wear. Loss of shingle granulization, possible early failure. Those are the things they’re going to warranty their shingles for and it may be a prorated warranty. Probably is. Might have a five year non-prorated period and then for the balance of it a prorated period. Something to investigate and look into. Different manufacturers have different warranties.

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Sustainable Building With Modular


Sustainability is the mantra of modular building. This is because of modulars many benefits: its cost-efficient, time-efficient, and can be just as design-savvy as traditional stick and brick construction. Its largest benefit of all: it is inherently more sustainable than conventional building practices.

According to the National Science and Technology Council, the construction industry accounts for 40 percent of primary energy consumption and 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. For companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint without scrimping on design, modular is the ideal option.

The modular construction process simply makes less waste. It is far more efficient in its use of material resources compared to traditional construction. Environmental controls in the manufacturing process reduce the amount of waste and minimize the release of harmful contaminants. The use of indoor air quality controls in the factory setting prevents fewer harmful emissions from escaping into our environment. Energy-efficient lighting with occupancy sensors, programmable HVAC systems and window glazing are also frequently incorporated into the design of modular buildings, further improving the energy efficiency and reducing operating costs of these designs.

Interior Design London Tips for selecting an Interior Designer


After the construction of the house by an expert builder to give amazing and marvelous look to your house an interior designer helps and gives new ideas to create enhance the home. This would increase in the position of residence owner in the society where he lives from a long time and this is also beneficial in business world for resell value of the house. So for choosing a correct interior designer we should take care of some points.

Before making a right decision about the hiring of interior designer to do your housing interior design, you be supposed to agree how much lack of restrictions is allowed to them on the subject of the decisions to be made and in addition at what time they are to interrelate with service provider, and even despite the fact that most home owners cannot help but into what is without a doubt not their trade, this should not in any way have an effect on the interior designer’s technique of working; or else, it could source suffering all around.

Interior Designer London does their work with a new strategy which involves sculpture. And everyone now in these days want to improve own home with this approach, because this policy is very beneficial for you and your family with the purpose of safety and future growth. A luxury interior designer vision is to fully understand the uniqueness of clients and life style which create a helping environment to make a high standard design. Designer should be highly motivated to produce beautifully designed homes and offices which are the mirror images that you are.

Hot Projects With Colored Glass Block Windows, Walls & Showers


What do you have that can add some interest, some pop, some style to this glass block project? a customer recently asked. With the introduction of colored glass your windows, showers, or wall projects can really stand out without sacrificing the functional benefits of the block. Below youll learn about 5 unique projects that combined colors and block patterns to create one of a kind results.

Project 1) Purple Colored Glass Block Windows in a Bookstore

The problem – A bookstore in Northwest Ohio had old deteriorated dark purple glass tiles from the 1930s in their transom windows. Most of these window openings were about 80 x 40 in size. The problem with these tiles is they werent energy efficient, many of the tiles and grout joints were cracked, and were no longer commercially available.